▶ Overview

When some failure happens on the distribution line and then it’s applying some electric fail current,

Recloser detects this problem and makes actuator work to prevent dependent failure.

This equipment is operating with Recloser’s main body(Actuator) by becoming interface.


 ▶ Purpose

1) To prevent dependent failure of the distribution line.

2) To cooperate with other recloser controller and relay from substation.


▶ Main functions

1) Measuring data for electronic current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, energy and harmonics.

2) Over current protection Reclosing.

3) Reclosing & Multi Shot (5).

4) Cold load pick-up and Phase sync check.

5) Under frequency, under voltage, over voltage protection.

6) Monitoring for Recloser’s status.

7) Remote control for site.

8) Save data for fault event and accident waveform.

9) Support protocol of DNP3.0 / IEC60870 

10)Support 48 kinds of TCC.

11)Test for battery and Lamp.


▶ System Process