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In the power distribution line, it can be happened any fault or accident caused by trees, birds, the falling of a thunderbolt, heavy snow, or some user’s device or equipment.

In order to check the fault quickly and minimize blackout, Recloser , Sectionalizer , Line Fuse, and other similar equipment are used,

and Recloser has trip and auto reclosing functions by fault current. LBS(Load Break Switch) is used with Recloser,

but it can not be operated open itself by fault current.

However, some point of power distribution line can be isolated or connected, especially the fault point can be isolated when black out is happened by accident. JW-P300C is the LBS controller which has the function of fault detection, remote control and monitoring, various electric metering, etc.

It is the IED (Intelligent Electric Device) which is necessarty for distribution automation.



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