KMDC-850-GW IEC61850 Gateway




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IEC61850 Gateway Module

▶ Feature


This is a gateway assistant to support IEC61850 protocol,
and it is additionally connected to the original equipment
which is already worked to operate with Modbus, CAN, and SPI, ETC.


▶ Main Functions


– It’s available to convert from various protocols like Modbus, CAN, SPI to IEC61850.
– It’s possible to support IEC61850 without any change on the original equipment.
– It’s possible to connect to many equipments with one Gateway.
– Included the software to support to use Gateway.
– Supported to Ring type network by Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol.


▶ System Structure



























▶ Specifications






























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▶ Configurator Software


It is supported to use Gateway much easier with the original equipment.
This is the program to set-up with other communications
for IEC61850 data which is made up with CID file format.