T-IED 23kV has total functions for metering, monitoring, control, protection, and interlock, which are needed for substation automation based on IEC61850. It’s available to be various and flexible engineering with high speed PLC functions for the protective functions . For DI/DO point, it’s possible to check more conditions and control output By choosing the expanded structure. T-IED23kV is the next generation power monitoring and protection device to manage the power system much more conveniently by embedding IEC61850 communication, PLC logic and other functions.


▶ Main Functions

– Substation automation IED
– Saved accident waveform
– Changeable logic(PLC)
– Supported IEC61850 protocol
– Various measurement
– Control the circuit breaker
– Embedded digital filter(DFT)
– Various monitoring functions
– Real time analysis for Vector
– Analysis for Event


▶ Applied to Korean Electric Power Corporation general standard.(KEPCO)


– A25GS-5945-002102000 Overvoltage IED (GS-5945-0021) – [13-11-30]
– A25GS-5945-002403000 Reclosing Overcurrent protection IED (GS-5945-0024) – [17.1]
– A25GS-5945-002503000 25.8kV Overcurrent protection IED (GS-5945-0025) – [17.1]
– A25GS-5945-002602000 Undervoltage protection IED (GS-5945-0026) – [13-11-30]

▶ Protective relay



















▶ Measurement



















▶ Record






















▶ General Spec. (1)






















▶ General Spec. (2)