Multi Functional Digital Power Meter (IoT)



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T-Meter (T100-C)



▶ Feature


T-Meter is a multi functional digital power metering instruments,
which is combined various panel meter functions in one,
and designed with high class under long term experience from us.

Also, it can be controlled or checked the metering value
from user’s smart phone, because it has the function to communicate with
Wi-Fi AP as the first time in this field.

With communication port of RS-485,
it’s supported for MODBUS protocol, and it’s easy to change
from the original analogue panel meter as draw-out type structure.


▶ Main Functions

– Graphic LCD Display
– High-precision and high-Reliability metering
– Self-diagnosis
– Standard communication protocol
– Various Input/Output



▶ Special Functions

-Possible to check the metering value of T-Meter by Laptop and Smart phone.
-Available to send the control commend to T-Meter through Wi-Fi.
– Useful for inspection and analysis for Vector Diagram and harmonic wave.
– Anytime save for metering value and waveform.



▶ In-put/Out-put Spec.


▶ Measurement specification



▶ T-Meter Power Monitoring System with MQTT




▶ MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)


– Small sized message transmitted protocol based on Publish / Subscribe.

– High-capacity message transmitted protocol, which is developed by IBM and selected by OASIS as the standard protocol of IoT

  technology, because it is designed by considering the limited functions and operation in the poor network

  connection environment.



▶ Advantage of MQTT


– Superior bandwidth and processing speed of network with small overhead time. When 100,000 Clients connect, transmit

   13,000  Messages/sec. (Based on Linux, 4×4 core 2.93GHz Intel Xeon, 32GB RAM, 10Gbit LAN, source of IBM)

– With small sized protocol, it can be applied easily to the device which is low power and small.

– Available for various environments with distributed message like 1:1, 1:n, n:1, n:n .

– Available to select and collect information of Publisher by using Topic.

– Available to send all messages freely from small and large sized regardless of size and shape.