Major careers

[Power IT device business part ]
– FAS development.
– ALTS Controller development.
– Distribution automation gas insulated switchgear development.
– ASS development.
– Thunderbolt indicator development.
– Wireless receiving thunderbolt indicator development.
– KEPCO FRTU(Field Remote Control Unit) connecting control enclosure development.
– ASS(Auto Section Switch), High speed breaker, multi circuit breaker for FRTU development.
– Controller for breaker, Multi circuit breaker control enclosure development.
– Embedded flight guard robot with T.I DSP(TM320LF2407A) development
– LBS(Load Break Switch) for export controller development (Iran).
– Embedded ANC(Active Noise Control) safety helmet development.
– DNP 3.0 communication protocol development.
– GASS control enclosure for KEPCO development.
– DC integrated relay with selecting breaker function for Urban railway development.
– Power Digital Meter, Digital Relay, GIS prevention diagnostic system development.
– Transformer prevention diagnosis system development.
– Distributing board degradation diagnosis system development.
– Transformer prevention diagnosis system for dissolved gases in oil development.
– GIS Prevention diagnosis system for portable development
– H/W for AC/DC about 9kW two way power revival device development (Samsung SDI)
– H/W for lithium-polymer charge/discharge system development
– VPI(Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) dry type transformer development.
– Electric watt meter for managing power factor development (three-phase four-wire system 40A/5A).
– Filtering equipment for Insulating oil and live wire of transformer development.
– Solar electric LED aircraft warning light development.
– Economic gas insulated load break switch development.
– OCR Relay development
– Combined Heat & Power plant control system in Sintanjin Y2K consulting.
[Smart grid business part ]
– IEC61850 related product family development such as Gateway.
[ Industrial automation device business part ]
– Golsec PLC G5/G2 system development
– GLOFA PLC GM3/GM4/GM6 system development.
– MasterK PLC 1000S/500S/300S/200S/80S/20S/10S system development.
– MPU/ASIC for PLC development
– PLC development
– Subminiature module on Linux (Linux on chip) development.
– Remote control power monitoring system on TCP/IP development (KD Power)
– Residential Gateway with video/audio sending format on TCP/IP development (COEX)
– Network Camera on DSP ( LWS800 series) development.
– GLOFA PLC GM5 system development. : H/W, S/W
– Mater-K500/K1000 CPU development. : H/W, S/W
– MPU/ASIC for PLC development.
– Solder ball production equipment control circuit for BGA development.
– GLOFA PLC CPU Module SW development GM1/2
– C compiler for MPU/ASIC on PLC development.
– BOARD FUNCTION TESTER (20 kinds of products) development
– Semiconductor production equipment power development
– Controller (3 kinds of products) development
– Color LED Backlight Controller development
– Production checker ( 7 kinds of product) development.
– Touch screen motor mobile rack controller development.
– LED Backlight controller for LCD production line development.
– LCD Pattern Generator development
– LCD test equipment pattern editor development.
– Electrical discharge machine development
– Various devices which are related to CNC development
[Communication device and card reader business part]
– Wireless credit card reader on CDMA development (WING2000B).
– Wireless credit card reader on GSM development (LMT3000).
– Bluetooth access point development (SK M&C)
– Card reader for export development (Japan) (VT3000W).
– E-signature pad for credit card reader development (SP610).
– Remote control power monitoring system on TCP/IP development (KD Power)
– Residential Gateway with video/audio sending format on TCP/IP development (COEX)
– Momentary power failure compensating device development (DVR,SAG protector)
– HIOT(Himecs IO Tester) engine simulator development.
– Subminiature module on Linux (Linux on chip) development.
– Network camera on DSP LWS800 series development.
– Payment system on Bluetooth for gas station development. (SK C&C).
– EMV Card(Electrical card) software on virtual machine software development
– EMV4.2 Certified from Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (Project).
– Wireless credit card reader on touch screen development (LMT2010M).
– Graphic accelerator for embedded system on open VG development.
– 32Bit FW Parking ticket issuing machine development.
[Software business part]
– Relay and breaker controller manager program development.
– GCBM HMI(LCD) , Relay HMI development.
– IED Manager program development.
– Data logger managing software development.
– CHECKER(produced product checking machine)Windows Program development.
– Touch Screen motor Mobile Rack Windows application development.
– LCD testing machine pattern editor Windows application development.
– Board function tester Windows application development.